Different Type of Accommodations in Malaysia

Author: Farah Rahman

In Malaysia we are blessed to enjoy various kinds of accommodations. We have everything from free all the way to 5-star accommodations. We will explore the various types of accommodation that this country has to offer.

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A homestay is a programme in which the host allows visitors to rent a room or house from a local family. The host family is obliged to mingle with them to explain their ways of life, food and even bring them to excursions such as weddings, try a hand at the work they do in order to get a better understanding of the local way of life.  This is the Ministry Tourism definition of what a homestay is about.

A homestay programme gives tourists the opportunity to stay with a chosen family, interact and experience the daily life of their homestay family and learn the culture and lifestyle of the rural community in Malaysia. A homestay programme cannot be classified as a lodging facility. It focuses more on lifestyle and experience, including cultural and economic activities.”

To find more on Homestay programmes in Malaysia please visit https://www.motac.gov.my/en/programme/tourism/homestay


Short term rental accommodation has been around since well I would say thousands of years! Either you may have room, house, condo, land or any space that is livable and you can make income out of it. In the past, it was quite unstructured; it was usually through word of mouth or simple ads online. However that changed with the arrival of Airbnb. This application allows anyone with a space to list their room, house, condo, exclusive villas or even a tree house as an accommodation space. It changed the market completely. During the pandemic, a lot of hotels and resorts closed down but for those operating short term rental accommodations a number of them managed to pull through. In some countries regulations have come in to police this “revamp” form of accommodation. Malaysia will likely see regulations in the future soon.


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Camping with added glitz is known as glamping. Essentially, posh camping. While a basic tent and a sleeping bag may be the norm, glamping often incorporates greater comfort and elegance. It is basically a high-end accommodation which supposedly has a connection with your environment. Whether you achieve a connection or not I am not sure 🙂 There’s quite a few places such as Glamping at Wetland Putrajaya and Tiara Escapes in Janda Baik. 

These are the links for these places:




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The hotel can also be described as a location that offers lodging and dining options to visitors. The visitor must pay money in order to use these amenities. Hotels are the most common form of accommodations in the world. There are a variety of luxurious 5-Star Hotels all to way a 1-Star Hotel.  A hotel is generally classified by its rating and you generally book according to those ratings. Though during the pandemic, you could pay 3-Star prices for a hotel that was essentially a 5 Star as these hotels were forced to drop their prices. Sadly, those days are gone and hotels are back to the good old days. Till the next pandemic 🙂

Some deals may still be around. Check these sites below.

Here’s the links to Agoda, Booking.com and Expedia:

Agoda: https://www.agoda.com/deals?pcs=1&cid=1907008

Booking.com: https://www.booking.com/index.html

Expedia: https://www.expedia.com.my/Hotels


 Langkawi Lagoon Beach Resort

Resorts World Genting
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While a resort and hotel are similar in that they provide lodging but resort just with more facilities and amenities. It can even be a destination like Genting Highlands Resort or Desaru Beach Resort. In short, a resort is a hotel with additional rooms, services, and entertainment options. All activities from food, shopping, recreational activities and entertainment are all confined within the resort compound as those literally next to it.


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Domestically it seems Malaysian while on vacation like to stay in relatives or friend’s home! A survey on 2021 showed that 58.6% of Malaysians find accommodation this way. Well, we do like to save on money.


Whichever accommodation you choose to stay, just be safe and enjoy!